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Enroll in Bruce Baird’s online “Golf Diary”! This amazing online golfing tool will help you analyze your golfing skills. The online Golf Diary tracks and analyzes 12 scoring statistics and 15 golfing skills to help you see where you need to improve to score better.

Bruce Baird’s Online Golf Diary:

Tracks Putts Per Round, Pars and Bogeys, 18 Hole Score and more
Analyzes golfing stats and skills using summary reports, cool graphs and tables

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One-on-One Help From a Teaching Professional

Enroll in California Golf School’s Email and Telephone Golf Coaching Program

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One-On-One Professional Golf Coaching for advice, tips and suggestions
Your Golf Coach will help you setup a plan to improve your game
One-on-One Golf Coaching to track your progress and improvement
Golf Coaching tailored to fit your personal skill level

Pick one of these three great programs and enroll today:

“Stand Alone Online Golf Diary Membership”
    Membership Free for one year
    (This membership does not include coaching)

“Email Golf Coach Membership”
    Weekly Emails between you and your golf coach
    $60 for six month (includes Online Golf Diary)

“Telephone Golf Coach Membership”
    Once a Month 30-minute Telephone Coach
    Sessions and Weekly Emails
    $30 per month (includes Online Golf Diary)

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